Attractions are formed in 2016.Their sound resonates the trend of the world.
Their roots are based on 00’s British rock music.
They suddenly attracting a lot of attention from all over the country.
They became the part of a new street culture of Fukuoka.
Attractions has released their debut single “Knock Away” August 28th,2017 to make a universal sounds from Fukuoka,Japan.
It was elected “new artist” of Apple Music,and they got no.8 on the Japanese Viral chart on Spotify.
It has been played 200,000 times in 2 month from its release.
They release their first E.P. “Attractions” on November 4th,2017 as they held their show event with Korean KIRIN and Japanese YAHYEL. All tickets were sold out.
As The golden ticket to this years SXSW are in their hands being a band from fukuoka are in the spotlight from all around the county.
There’s just no stoping!!
2017年8月28日、福岡発世界基準の音を鳴らすべくデビュー曲『Knock Away』を配信リリース。Apple Musicの「New Artist」に選出、Spotifyでは国内バイナルチャート最高8位を獲得し配信開始2ヶ月で20万回再生を達成。10月4日発売のEP「Attractions」リリースイベントではyahyel、韓国からKIRINを招きチケットはソールドアウト。
2018年、全国5局の放送局で構成されるJFLの「NEXT GENERATIONS」に選出、勢いそのままに3月アメリカで開催されるSXSW JAPAN NITEへの出演も決まり、福岡のバンドでありながら今国内インディーで最も熱い視線を集めるバンドである